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Ajay Mathur “Little Boat” Album Review

My first time listening to Ajay’s Marthur’s album Little Boat, I felt a huge wave of nostalgia. Although I have never heard it before, I suddenly was 10, on a road trip to the grand canyon. I was 13, stuck in LA traffic for hours, talking to my dad over the loud roar of music and honking horns. I was 15, driving to a far away airport, jumping at every far away light.

"Winters of my Youth" – BBQ Pope Review

“Winters of my Youth”, starts off with a slow melody, but soon gives you no room to breathe and makes you want to hop into the center of a mosh pit to just thrash around. With a vibe that combines the angst of SWMRS and the placidity of Mt. Eddy, you can’t help but feel right at home. With lyrics, “Texting you at 2am / Cause I just want to be your friend” and “Waking up at 9am / I start to glance over our texts / Some things were said, some things were read”, BBQ Pope are not only relatable, but catchy and satirical.