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Break From Reality

It’s just part of life, living in San Diego. You see it on your way to school, or on your way home. Growing up here, the ocean is just an aspect of your life. Whether you’re just watching it having your morning coffee, fishing, or surfing in it, its always there.


Our Constant Disregard for the Environment

We live in a world where every materialistic thing we love is derived from the environment. Yet, somewhere along the lines, we forgot to share that love with our environment.

The Curative Powers of The Midwest

Four days after my ex-boyfriend left me for another girl, I hopped on a plane to visit my family in Yankton, South Dakota. Surprisingly, these 7 days spent in a small mid western town cured my broken heart beyond belief. As you journey through my thoughts and feelings experienced throughout the week, I encourage you to listen to the songs listed. Each song expresses what I hope the pictures capture.

We’re Getting No Sleep, Tonight

The afternoon and night I spent with several friends I used to live with, but hadn’t seen in months.
“Are we young yet? Wild yet? Stupid yet?”