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“Easy Love” – An Interview with Justine Brown

Growing up in Riverside, California, Brown has been playing music since her childhood alongside her sister, Chelsea Brown, and plays in several bands including Winter and Summer Twins. It wasn’t until she created Easy Love where she could tell her own stories to the soundtrack of guitar riffs inspired by 90s rock music.


Our Constant Disregard for the Environment

We live in a world where every materialistic thing we love is derived from the environment. Yet, somewhere along the lines, we forgot to share that love with our environment.

OW OW OW – An Interview with Ari Bowe from Spud Cannon

Bringing to you their sweet riffs, nostalgic tunes, and much more is the sloppy kiss rock band from New York, “Spud Cannon”! The band consists of Margret Matthews on vocals, Jackson Lewis on the guitar, Ariana (Ari) Bowe on the keyboard, Lucy Horgan on the bass, and Sam Saias on the drums. In this interview, I was given the pleasure to communicate with the keyboardist Ari Bowe and talk how the band came to be, the creative process, favorite tunes of the LP & much more. Go on and read to learn more about New York’s very own Spud Cannon!    

“Take Me Higher” – Review of Almost Monday’s Latest Single

“Take Me Higher” is an infectiously catchy song that you’ll like more and more every time you hear it.