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An Interview with Megan Liscomb on PJ Sparkle’s Debut Album, “NEON”

I sat down with Megan Liscomb in her home to chat about her upcoming album “NEON” from her solo project PJ Sparkles. I’ve always been a fan of Megan’s music projects, so I was excited to get to talk to her about some more in depth topics regarding music, the creative process and what’s coming up in this new year.


“Must Be You” – Cardboard Boxer Review

The San Diego based band, Cardboard Boxer, released their latest single earlier this week. “Must Be You” is a raw, but fluid track that reflects the band’s alternative punk rock sound.

17 for 17 Playlist

I love making playlists. When they’re playing they can create a certain mood in the room depending on what you put on the playlist. They can make your mood better instantly, just from hearing the first song that reminds you of better times. I made this playlist for the purpose of putting me in a mood that will motivate me to get work done (or fail to as I keep dancing to the raging bass that flows through a few of the songs on my list.) I named the playlist “17 for 17” because I’m 17 and here are 17 songs that I love right now, pretty self-explanatory. [17 for 17 on Spotify] 1) [TOKYO by BROCKHAMPTON] I feel like I had to begin with the rap collective that honestly made 2017 fantastic. 3 albums in the space of 12 months, with every single song being pure genius. I have absolutely no idea how I came across Brockhampton, most likely on YouTube. Tokyo has an acapella feel to it throughout the introduction then it breaks …

Rockin’ the City: Feeding San Diego Benefit Show

As 2017 came to an end, local music lovers came together at Queen Bees for a good cause to benefit Feeding San Diego, an organization that helps the hungry in the community.