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“I’ve Seen the Sasquatch” – An Interview with Leisure Club

I had the opportunity to do an interview with Vancouver based indie-pop band Leisure Club. Their inclination towards catchy guitar riffs and mellifluous melodies will have you hooked after the first song. First of all, on the record, can you just go through and tell us the names of each member of the band, what they play, and an interesting fact that maybe a lot of people don’t know. Rob – Bass, “I once tied the course record for hole-in-ones (8) at Giggle Ridge, a highly reputable mini-golf establishment just outside of Vancouver.” Graham – Guitar, “I’ve seen the Sasquatch.” Sean – Keyboard, “I thought I saw a Sasquatch once but it was actually my neighbor. I was probably 7 or 8 and it really scared me.” Daniel – Drums,  “Once busking on the sidewalk in Magrathea waiting for the answer to the ultimate question of all time, I got lured to join a band, I left and still got the answer: 42.”   Jamie – Vocals, “I’m clearly the only person in this band …


Of Ennui on Latest Release: Tone Poems

I recently sat down with Brian Strauss and Christian Cate of the San Diego local band Of Ennui to talk about their latest release, Tone Poems.  If you’re a fan of heavy, melodic, atmospheric, moody shoegaze jams then this band is for you. Keep reading for photos and interview.

“Easy Love” – An Interview with Justine Brown

Growing up in Riverside, California, Brown has been playing music since her childhood alongside her sister, Chelsea Brown, and plays in several bands including Winter and Summer Twins. It wasn’t until she created Easy Love where she could tell her own stories to the soundtrack of guitar riffs inspired by 90s rock music.

“Synth-Pop Not Synth-Pop”- An Interview with Garden City Movement

Just recently we were given the opportunity to interview, Garden City Movement over email. The Tel Aviv based group consisting of Roy Avital, Yoav Saar, and Johnny Sharoni made their initial debut in 2013 with the release of their single ‘Move On’. The trio are now shaking up the music world with their own ethereal take on electro-pop and R&B in their soon to be released album “Apollonia”. We were able to go into depth on their dream collaborations, thoughts on the digital age, and advice for new artists. Read on to hear each member’s unique opinion.