The Metal Maestro – An Interview With Juan Saurín

It’s getting dark, and his electric guitar pulsates through the walls of Concha Segura theater and onto the freezing November streets of Yecla, a town situated in the South-East of Spain. Juan Saurín, the name behind the strings, is a Yecla native, recognized and admired by his town. In the queue, his old High School … Continue reading The Metal Maestro – An Interview With Juan Saurín

“Hello To Old Stories” – A Photo Essay & Playlist

Rachel Tse, an 18 year old photographer from Hong Kong, is capturing her world as it unfolds in a series of dreamy and eyeopening photographs entitled, "Hello To Old Stories." We asked her to send us some of her favorite works that she's taken, and try to match each one with a song which she … Continue reading “Hello To Old Stories” – A Photo Essay & Playlist

“Old School Love” – Kerri Watt Review

This summer, Scottish singer/songwriter Kerri Watt released her single, “Old School Love,” and enchanted many by telling the heart-warming story of falling in love the old school way. The BBC radio 2 A-listed singer strikes us once again with her soft, beautiful voice. With “Old School Love”, she shows a slight change in style … Continue reading “Old School Love” – Kerri Watt Review

140 BPM: The Rise Of Grime

140 beats per minute is the preferable tempo for Grime, an underground London genre that is sweeping the U.K. and shaping music charts around the world. It’s often seen as a sub-genre of hip-hop, but veterans and fans see it as something more. Mixed with dubstep, trap, hip hop, and other genres, it draws influence … Continue reading 140 BPM: The Rise Of Grime


Josh Savage is a prime example that determination and courage go a long way when pursuing a dream. Supported only by a love for his craft, the singer/songwriter tours the world, recruiting supporters one living room at a time. You see, this 26 year old tours on request, booking private shows in people’s homes and … Continue reading JOSH SAVAGE: LIVE FROM THE LIVING ROOM