140 BPM: The Rise Of Grime

140 beats per minute is the preferable tempo for Grime, an underground London genre that is sweeping the U.K. and shaping music charts around the world. It’s often seen as a sub-genre of hip-hop, but veterans and fans see it as something more. Mixed with dubstep, trap, hip hop, and other genres, it draws influence from the distinct UK styles of garage and jungle. Rapping is another significant element, reflecting the times and troubles of inner city life in the U.K. Continue reading


Josh Savage is a prime example that determination and courage go a long way when pursuing a dream. Supported only by a love for his craft, the singer/songwriter tours the world, recruiting supporters one living room at a time. You see, this 26 year old tours on request, booking private shows in people’s homes and performing for intimate crowds. This, according to the singer, “allows artists to find their feet and to get an idea of how the industry works before being influenced by someone that’s already in the industry. You can actually be yourself.” (sofarsounds.com)

So, in honor of his new single, ‘Ghosts’, coming out a while back — we asked him a few questions. Continue reading

A Foreign Film Project.

Over the last couple of months, I have documented my experiences, both in my visits back to San Diego and my life in Leeds, on a point and shoot 35mm film camera that I picked up in a thrift store (a highly recommended thing to do). Following are some of the images I’ve taken, plus some from my Polaroid, as a bit of comparison between the two worlds. Continue reading