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“I’m Broke But I’m Happy.”

I love using film because it makes you really think about what you want to take a picture of, there is no deleting and once you press that shutter the photo pretty much exists forever. There’s also something nice about not knowing what the photo is going to look like until its developed, it really forces you to trust yourself.


Work In Progress, a Film Gallery by Ross Schwartz

My friends and I are always doing shit that I know we will forget about so I just want to document those moments from the perspective of a participant. Beauty is in the imperfections. All images are shot on film and un-altered.

Camp Flog Gnaw Through My Camera Lens

Tyler, the Creator is a true artist, and the carnival is physical proof of that. His personality is reflected in his art, and his art was reflected in Camp Flog Gnaw. Here are my favorite film pictures I took while there + a playlist to match.

“Slackers” – An Early Photo Diary by Zerkalou

Last year, most of my friends and I were exiting our high school phase into the idyllic post-adolescence of adulthood, which of course, is strife with malaise, a perpetual confrontation with inadequacies as both artists and people, and ultimately, without proper guidance or assurance whatsoever. As we tried to come to terms with our new, “mature for our age” adult selves, I don’t think we could ignore that we ended up becoming even more like the high schoolers we wanted to be back then.