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Something Worth Being Remembered

Whether you want to be forever remembered as a famous figure, or simply want to live on through the hearts of loved ones, everybody wants to leave something for the world to remember them by.


Mini Tour Diary with Ricky Hell and The Voidboys

In mid January I went on a mini tour with Cleveland punk band, Ricky Hell and The Voidboys. We stopped first in Buffalo, NY where the boys played a house show for some real rockers! From there we spent the day in the van on the way to play the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY. On the last day of our trip they recorded at Time Castle, a DIY recording studio in Brooklyn, before heading back to Cleveland. Here are some photos of good times with good friends. 

promise you’ll be good to me

Angel Olsen, Mazzy Star, Flowers Forever, Cat Power, La Sera, and more.

Break From Reality

It’s just part of life, living in San Diego. You see it on your way to school, or on your way home. Growing up here, the ocean is just an aspect of your life. Whether you’re just watching it having your morning coffee, fishing, or surfing in it, its always there.