Pure Nowhere is a sprawling mess of international creatives based out of Melbourne, AUS, and San Diego, CA. We’re entirely run, curated & edited by passionate under 25s, and we hope to bring you a collaborative platform and publication to explore youth culture, local music & art. Our goal is to give people an outlet to be heard & to impact local scenes all over the world.

We’re about teens making art, getting educated, feeding their soul, grabbing a skateboard and – city, town or suburbia – feeling free. You’ll find us at local gigs, out the back of your nearest surf beach, city protests and light-filled libraries. We’re for raw and messy and accidental, and content that makes you feel something, whatever that is.

But most importantly, we’re for those who don’t conform, never settle and refuse to compromise. For breaking out of the 9-5, taking risks, chasing after your fears, and plunging forward without a plan B.

We’ve recently expanded our teams in North America and Europe, strengthening our dream to cover local music & culture on a global scale. There’s an entire world of talented writers, artists and musicians out there, and we want to provide an outlet to share their voices. No matter where you are in the world, you can be a part of this!

Why the name Pure Nowhere?

As a kid, as a teen, as a 26 year old – everyone feels out of place, disconnected and lost sometimes. We’re for embracing that sense of nowhere, for the times when no physical place feels like home, or the physical world is nowhere near as important as the people, the laughter or the feeling. At Pure Nowhere, it’s about where the music takes you, where the art takes you, and where the moment takes you.

We’re for when it’s so late at night that even time has forgotten it exists and we know we want to live every moment like this, unpredictable and with no explanations but “it just feels right.” For being loud, for taking up space, for lost friends and first goodbyes and how it feels in the middle of a moshpit, your heart beating with the bass in the bottom of your stomach. For bare feet slapping the concrete at full speed, sprinting towards the water with reckless abandon. For wiping out, hopping fences, skinning our knees and leaving our shoes behind. For sneaking out to surf beneath the full moon and waking up at 2pm the next day. For confidence and passion and excitement, and friends that simultaneously piss you off and make you laugh until it hurts.

For a life that feels like summer, skin still warm from hours of skating in the sun, knees bloody and bruised from countless falls. For frustration. For challenging beliefs, crushing expectations and breaking rules.  For books shoved under beds, made-up poems on the back of hands, water-spotted journals tucked under arms, chapped lips and skin that smells like tea-tree. What the ocean sounds like when you’re asleep, and what tomorrow feels like when you’re not waiting for the future. This is Pure Nowhere.



How much content do you publish? New Posts every day. Mixtapes & Short Films every week.

How do you publish so much content? That, my friend, is because we have the most incredible team of people sending in new articles. Sound like something you wanna get in on? Curious about our infamous (not really) Instagram team group chats? Contact us!

Can I submit? Yes! Anything from mixtapes to articles to photo essays. More details here.

Are you currently looking for interns? Yup! Find out more here.

Is this print or digital or what? It’s everything, baby ;) We really try to marry the two and make the digital site as tangible and interactive as possible. Also, our two first print issues are set to be released by the end of 2018! Plus, you can also expect more zines in both digital & print.

Do you guys do ads? Nope! Well, not in the traditional sense, in any way.  Our print issues are 100% ad-free, so you’re only ever paying for beautiful content. We may occasionally run a sponsored post on the site, if the brand/business is one we agree with from an ethical stand point, and if the post content seems interesting/benefiting to our readers!

Where does money from merch & mags go? Straight into our Pure Nowhere fund,  to pay for website & shop hosting, magazine printing, podcast equipment, etc. And once that’s all taken care of, we’re saving up for a couple of HUGE projects coming your way in the next couple of years!

Where are the secret pages?? I can’t tell you that. But I would suggest checking out anything on the site that’s sort of flashing… you know?

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– Abby & Kyla xo