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Penniback Records Presents Beach Goons, Junkie, The Crudes, Espresso & more @ SOMA

Back in January at SOMA our friends from Penniback Records presented the Beach Goons along with Junkie, The Crudes, Espresso, Kut U Up, and Effe Emme! Check out moments of the night that were captured on film through the lens of @motherof9pam!

Effe Emme  

Kicking off the night were the San Diegan locals Effe Emme bringing along their surf punk/ garage rock presence to the crowd!


Check them out on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Instagram!

Kut U Up 

Up next was another local band here from San Diego, Kut U Up!  From Encinitas, together since ’96, the indie-rock band shared their passion for music through their performance. Their stage presence adding to their sound while everyone was kicking and moving.

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For more on Kut U Up, check out their Facebook, Instagram, & listen to them here on Spotify


Now coming from Los Angeles and adding to the night with their funk rock feel was Espresso. They carried this presence on stage in which made you felt a part of as a crowd. Their psychedelic funk sound made it seem like you kept switching dimensions as the songs would change. With songs like “Glexistential” and “Space Ship, Space Dick,” playing, the crowd couldn’t help but melt once they began to play.

You can find Espresso on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Instagram, Spotify, and Tumblr

 The Crudes  

Third to last on the lineup were The Crudes, another Los Angeles based band. The Crudes had such a unique flow to their sound. Giving you this sense that was nostalgic to a past life. It was serene and reminiscent and the piano was a touch. Each member carried their own different touch of energy but combined as one in their music was just brilliant.

“I didn’t end up taking pictures of The Crudes because their set was f***ing sick. The voice changer was also sick and when they played their single “Graveled Guts,” the lead singer said to find someone you care about and dance with them, so I did. I know it might come off as corny but you ever feel like you’re right where you supposed to be? Like everything at that moment was perfect. The Crudes were definitely one of my favorite performances I’ve ever seen live and I’ll definitely see them again. They’re f****ing sick, check them out!” (@motherof9pam)


Check out The Crudes on Instagram, Spotify, Facebook  & click here for more on their site


From San Antonio, Texas up next on the stage was Junkie, and they were unapologetic in every good way. With possibly the best crowd of the night, their stage presence was matched with the crowds and it was ecstatic. Their energy on stage added to the feel of the night. I took a few photos because my heart! Everything about their set was great.

“Junkie was another set I didn’t end up taking photos of because they brought an energy to the stage that was super sick and was paralleled by the crowd. The dudes hoop earrings and his overall look made it seem like he would be a quiet person to talk to but he was going in. It was pretty cool.” (@motherof9pam)


Click here to listen to Junkie on Spotify or here on Bandcamp & find them on InstagramFacebook, & Twitter

Beach Goons  

And lastly, Beach Goons were up on stage. Based here in San Diego from Barrio Logan, the beach goons were back at SOMA but this time headlining the side stage for the first time. Hitting the last set of the night with their classics and a few new songs, they brought the night to high with shouted lyrics and the last batch of energy of the night…

For more on the Beach Goons check them out on Spotify, Instagram, Bandcamp, & Twitter

Photography by Diego Jimenez 

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