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“I’m Broke But I’m Happy.”

I started going to shows a couple years ago and instantly got hooked on it – the loud music, feeding off the crowds energy, and the intense feeling of joy and comfort that everything was okay as long as there’s music.

I wanted to find a way to capture how I felt at shows and a cell phone was just not cutting it – plus no one likes seeing a bunch of phones being held up in the pit. So I got a disposable camera and then I started purchasing all the point-and-shoot cameras I came across at thrift stores and eventually my mom passed down her old Pentax K1000 to me.

I found myself constantly keeping a camera on me even when I wasn’t at shows, I liked capturing the things I saw on a day-to-day basis and it became my companion for walks around town, of course I also wanted to document all the places I travel to for shows (I tend to follow my favorite bands around). I love using film because it makes you really think about what you want to take a picture of, there is no deleting and once you press that shutter the photo pretty much exists forever. There’s also something nice about not knowing what the photo is going to look like until its developed, it really forces you to trust yourself; I love getting film back and reliving all my experiences.











By Hannah Stimson



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