Today in 2017, the world of zines and independent print is undergoing a constant evolution. As more and more opinionated artists, writers, and activists join the game, a larger light is given to us to express ourselves, to really be heard. Andrea Lux is a Peruvian artist that is currently taking the world by storm, … Continue reading ANDREA LUX – PAPER CUTS

“Old School Love” – Kerri Watt Review

This summer, Scottish singer/songwriter Kerri Watt released her single, “Old School Love,” and enchanted many by telling the heart-warming story of falling in love the old school way. The BBC radio 2 A-listed singer strikes us once again with her soft, beautiful voice. With “Old School Love”, she shows a slight change in style … Continue reading “Old School Love” – Kerri Watt Review


On July 29th, 2017, fourteen bands gathered to support the San Diego chapter of The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The all day festival starting at 2:30pm and going till 10:30pm, was filled with amazing music, great food, and a little over a hundred people excited and ready to support the music and the cause. Starting off the night … Continue reading BE WELL FEST (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

“Swell” – Lunar Vacation EP Review

Lunar Vacation, the pool rock band from Atlanta, Georgia are breaking into a larger scene with the release of their new EP, "Swell," with it's laid back indie rock sound the five song EP is perfect for a summer day at the beach (or the pool). Opening with "Blue Honey," the lines "I just can't stand to leave you so … Continue reading “Swell” – Lunar Vacation EP Review

Soma Photo Gallery – Jurassic Shark + Guests 7/28/17

Soma San Diego in the heat of summer, something I'll always remember with sweaty hugs and half melted chocolate bars; a red tinted atmosphere illuminating light headed kids, halfheartedly spread out across the floor. This is how the months before a new school year takes form, again and again, every week bringing a new flow … Continue reading Soma Photo Gallery – Jurassic Shark + Guests 7/28/17


Sitting in Public Square having coffee with Zane Alexander, we discussed a possible EP, forming connections (Zane knowing basically everyone), and his very own musical! Conversing with this very eclectic and obviously talented guy, we learn quite a lot about his killer music background and his wicked goals for the future. So if you can, … Continue reading A TASTE OF ZANE


July 28th at The Observatory, Long Island rock group, Taking Back Sunday, took the stage alongside their opening acts, Every Time I Die, and Modern Chemistry. We sent one of our favorite photographers, Sarai Kelley, to capture the high energy onstage, as well as in the crowd. Keep reading to see this stunning photo gallery … Continue reading TAKING BACK SUNDAY @ THE OBSERVATORY

The Release Of JARA’s Latest Single, “Coachella Girls”

JARA is an extremely talented indie- pop musician from the one and only, San Diego. We have the privilege to debut his latest release today; the new & funky single, "Coachella Girls," is certain to be a hit with its catchy beat and smooth vocals. I personally admire his original voice and passionate energy, which … Continue reading The Release Of JARA’s Latest Single, “Coachella Girls”