A Collection of Photographs, “Untitled.”

Moments in time that many just look over and dismiss as a fleeting feeling, German photographer Josh Kern has captured our attention with his awe-inspiring images on film. Some may overlook these feelings in the moment, move on to the next face, the next motion, the next word that seems to distract from the importance of this second, of right now. We live our lives too fast to realize the emotion and reality in everyday. I am forever envious of people like Josh, who are able to stop, realize, and snap a photo.

Here’s a collection of some of his favorite pieces paired with a song that captures the energy. 

You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify here.


1. I don't know2. Ghost3. the smae things5. my friends don't know7. i was all over her8. we found two dead swans9. drunk text romance10. art of loosing

4. push11. breakfast

Photography & Playlist by Josh Kern



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