Month: December 2016

Adventures in North Park (playlist + video)

The other day Ash and I (Kyla) went down to the market in North Park, spread some love by giving strangers sunflowers, watched the sun set from the roof of a parking garage, and just explored around with some friends (Ella, Julian, and Carlos/Curtis) . Here’s a lil’ something I stitched together from the adventure, with a playlist of music that fit the mood.


Pearl Playlist & Film

Moments of my friends and beauty in 2016! Some fun concerts and good people, all on 35mm. Hope you enjoy!

The Chain Reaction of Love

We have become so acclimated to this hateful epidemic that occurs almost every day, that we don’t seem to think of it or do anything about it.

It’s time for a love revolution!

Like Lightning and Sipping Soda – An Interview with Lightning Cola

For the wild-wave-washed-dreamers of Lightning Cola, it’s all about passion; each song a moment, feelings that describe them as a whole. A genuine, quiet group, the band’s fast songs and loud lyrics make up for the shy exterior. Members Jordan Graham, Nathan Blake, and iconic brothers Niko and Xander Sitaras all coexist with individuality that immediately sets them apart.