“Drive”- Debut Album From Sidewatchers

Article written by Autumn McDonald

We bring to you yet again another talented group from Play Yah Records.
Self described as garage surf, barbie punk, and prom rock, Sidewatcher is a three piece band from Detroit, Michigan. We’ve talked before on the site about the need for female fronted bands and with Zoë Kissel singing and playing guitar, Sidewatcher is a perfect example. Luckily for us, September seventh Sidewatcher is releasing their debut album titled “Drive”. Every track on the album packs a punch of a punk rock guitar and powerful and raw attitude filled vocals. Even the tracks with no words at all like “Raw Hide” pack that punch.

Now I don’t wanna spoil too much because you need to listen to their album yourself, but what I will say is that every song takes you on a different journey and leaves you with a different feeling. The music video for Drive is a collection of scenes from the band members Zoë, Dylan Kissel (bass), and AJ Picciuto (drums) at a carnival playing and singing along to the intriguing lyrics.
a2028919262_16You can (and must) listen to their debut album “Drive” on their Bandcamp linked below. Also linked is the music video for “Drive”.


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