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The Groupie’s Diary: SWMRS Changing The Game

Passage and Photography by Josie Ruggeiro 

Yeah, I’ve seen SWMRS like eight times, and yeah, I knew them as Emily’s army. As SWMRS makes a grand entrance into the void of 21st century punk, phrases like these from die-hard fans -like me- aren’t hard to come by. Sure, their debut album, “Drive North,” is fucking great, but why do I have plans to see them for my tenth time in October? So… here are a couple reasons why SWMRS is a changing the game. FIDLAR’s Zach Carper explains SWMRS genre as: high-energy “hawaiianage”- styled music attracting a wide range of fans.  From a mass teen fan base to 50-year-olds, like my dad, who “just wanna mosh;” they all unite glorifying the means of being “uncool.” Leaving behind major record labels and playing in small interactive venues gives the big music corps the middle finger, something that can only be done with loads of music experience.

So hats off to these young guys as they continue to innovate and inspire fans like me!

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