Lucia at Soma SD 4/8/16

Passage written by Kyla Wyllie Photography by Annika Cimas Let's try to "recreate the lucid scene" that local band, Lucia, created at their show April 8th at Soma SD. It was their first show at Soma since the year started, but this group definitely knew how to get the crowed pumped, regardless of the tempo of … Continue reading Lucia at Soma SD 4/8/16

Playlist: Are You A Hippie Too?

Playlist created by Angelina Myers Passage written by Kyla Wyllie WARINING: This playlist is only for the psychedelic & free-spirited. You may not have been able to witness the magic that was Woodstock, but let these songs transport you in spirit. Release your inner flowerchild with tracks including the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, and Pink Floyd. Packed full of groovy guitar solos and far out … Continue reading Playlist: Are You A Hippie Too?

The Snykes Farewell Show 4/1/16

Passage written by Kyla Wyllie Photography by Annika Cimas On April 1st, local rock legends, The Snykes, played their last show ever, at Soma San Diego. The following musicians accompanied the trio: Opt Out, Essex Class, The Bash Dogs, and music producer, Jara. The energy that not only the band, but the crowd, put forth was … Continue reading The Snykes Farewell Show 4/1/16